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Waxed cotton cord with silver, gold, or black plated hand stamped bar.  End of cord has either semi precious stone or gold plated brass charm. 

Hand Stamped with any word(s) of choice up to 12 characters.

The circumference of the bracelets measures about 10 inches, at its widest, to fit through your hand with an adjustable knot. 

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    Meanings of Stones 

    Clear Quartz: Encourages clarity of thought and purpose to one's heart and mind.

    Black Onyx:  Onyx is a powerful warrior stone.  The Onyx crystal meaning helps stomp out negative thought patterns and is symbolic of peace, harmony, love. Some of the important powers of this stone are intuition, focus, balance, positivity, change, and protection.

    Amazonite:  Amazonite has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and chakra balancing. Amazonite is associated with filtering out stresses, healing traumas, and soothing energies in the home and workplace.

    Meanings of Charms:

    Evil Eye:  The symbol of the eye stares back at the world. A symbol of strength, the eye was worn in ancient times to ward off misfortune and harmful energy. This protective eye symbolizes the divine, watchful gaze that encourages you to look beyond the visible world. The eye grants protection and insight while you take a closer look at your own personal journey.

    Native American Feather:  The feather symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, and freedom, with an accent of the healing power of turquoise.

    Star:   Symbol of aspiration, associated with achievement and success. It can represent a significant change in life or the desire to achieve high goals. It’s an elegant reminder to try to be the best you can become, the best version of yourself, and a way to remember that everyone should follow their star and achieve their dreams.

    Peace Sign: A sign of peace and new beginnings.

    LOVE charm:  Love is the greatest virtue of all. It is at the root of all good things. All humans thrive in a loving environment, and whenever love is in the equation, happiness results.

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